A Cooking Surface that is Virtually Indestructible
100% Non-stick Ceramic, our Gold Standard in Non-Stick Cookware
WAS £89.99
NOW £19.99
  • 100% Non-stick ceramic surface
  • All the flavours without the added oil
  • Cleans easily with just one swipe
  • Surface never scratches of flakes
  • Highly durable and abrasion resistant
  • No warping or bending
  • Perfectly even heat distribution
Cerafit® Takes Non-stick and Durability to the Extreme!
Using Cold Compression Technology
No Matter What You Cook, Nothing Sticks!
Cook healthy, low-fat meals with no added oils or butters needed with a fast, easy clean up.

Your favourite meals with the same great taste! 
You can cook all your favorite meals without needing to add difficult-to-clean fatty oils and butter. Enjoy your favourite meals with less calories, but the same great taste! Cerafit’s extra high edges and superior ceramic surface lets you sauté, stir fry, deep fry, bake, and more with absolutely no sticking.

How does nothing stick? The Lotus effect – like the Lotus plant that repels any liquid from its surface, Cerafit® uses advanced molecular technology to duplicate the repelling properties – so foods and sauces slide right off with no mess!
Less Calories, Less Energy Use, and Less Clean Up Time

Save Energy!  

Cerafit® has a high conductivity steel core that heats evenly throughout, allowing you to cook with lower temperatures, saving on energy bills.

Nothing Sticks 
and no Scratching!  
Cook without any added butter or oil while still getting the same great flavours. Cerafit’s surface is tough and durable and will remain scratch free with utensil use.

One-Swipe Cleaning! Forget messy cleanups, Cerafit® cleans with just one swipe and is dishwasher safe!

Cerafit® Pans Work Great on Gas, Electric, 
Ceramic and Induction Stovetops
WAS £89.99
NOW £19.99